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Orpheum, Nürnberg, Germany

tl;dr – Arriving by public transport

First of all: Please get yourself a public transportation ticket (»Einzelfahrt Erwachsener Nürnberg, Fürth, Stein«) which is valid for all undergrounds, trams and buses in Nuremberg.

Starting at the airport

If you happen to reach Nuremberg by plane, you will first have to take the underground to get from the airport to the station called »Plärrer« – not a big deal, as there's only one underground leaving from the airport (line U2). It departs every ~10 minutes, the trip takes around 15 minutes (10 stations). From there, proceed with the bus.

Starting at the central station

Take one of the following underground lines:

  • U1 heading to »Fürth-Hardhöhe« or U11 heading to »Eberhardshof«
  • U2 or U21 heading to »Röthenbach«
  • U3 heading to »Gustav-Adolf-Straße«

and leave it after 3 (U1 and U11) respectively 2 (U2, U21 and U3) stations at the station called »Plärrer«. Proceed with the bus then.

Take the bus to St. Johannis

Usually you would take the tram to St. Johannis, but due to construction work there is a replacement bus service at the moment. Leave the underground station following the signs for the tram / bus line No. 6 (»Westfriedhof«). The bus leaves at the bus stop »B« (behind the orange barrier) and is labelled »E6 Westfriedhof«.

Leave the bus at the station called »Hallerstraße« (~10 minutes ride) and turn around to where the bus came from: You have just passed the Orpheum! Welcome to border:none 2013!

Public transport – the photo love story

Ok, so this is the long story, put together with love by Jeff.

Welcome to Nuremberg

Your goal destination is the Orpheum in St. Johannis in the north-west of the city. Enter the main hall of the central station with the big info table and go downstairs to take the subway which is labeled with a big »U« for »U-Bahn« in Germany. How about avoiding the escalator today? Your body will be thankful.

Get your ticket

In the underground, grab a ticket at one of the many red ticket vending machines. (Except you want to experience the thrill of fare-dodging, which is called »Schwarzfahren« in German.) You'll want to have an »Einzelfahrt Erwachsener Nürnberg, Fürth, Stein«, which is accessable in the left bottom corner of the display. If you're under the age of 15 you can get a child's ticket, of course. And one little advice for the weekend: The »TagesTicket Solo« and »TagesTicket Plus« will be valid for the whole weekend when purchased on a saturday.

Keep to your right and go further downstairs to the subway lines U2 / U3 / U21. You might also take the U1. However, this one could also take you to Fürth oder Nuremberg southtown — both places you don't really want to visit. ;)


Catch the right underground

If you took the stairs to your right you now can take every underground that arrives on the left platform. These are U2 and U21 to »Röthenbach« and U3 to »Gustav-Adolf-Straße«. Some underground lines in Nuremberg are controlled remotely and don't have drivers, so take the chance and stand in the very front of these trains (if you like).

The station you want to reach is »Plärrer«, which should be the second one after central station (if you've taken U2, U21 or U3).

At the »Plärrer« (yeah, this word sounds odd to Germans, too) all kinds of public transportation lines cross paths. Turn right and follow your natural instincts — go upstairs towards daylight!

Here you can buy some silly things like German Pretzels. »Brezn« are a popular breakfast and snack in Southern Germany. If you have no needs at all and only want to get to our conference then just turn right again.

Again to your right you'll want to take the first flight of stairs you'll see. A sign shows you the tram line 6 to »Westfriedhof«, which is the one you'll want to take. »Westfriedhof« means »Western cemetary«. Are you scared, yet? Only a couple of days till Halloween ...

Take the replacement bus

Now you would be at the right station if it weren't for those pesky construction works going on in St. Johannis! But don't panic: Go to bus stop »B« behind the orange barrier and wait for a bus with the label »E6 Westfriedhof«. Yeah right, a replacement bus, because the tram sadly just can't handle all those construction zones.

The bus will take you along the town walls and then west to the nice district of Johannis. Get out at »Hallerstraße«. If you observed your surroundings carefully you might already have seen the red facade of the Orpheum.

You get the strange feeling that something awesome might be around. You turn right. Could it be ...?

Welcome to border:none 2013

Congratulations, you did it! We hope you enjoy your stay in Nuremberg and wish you a pleasant time at the border:none 2013!