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Everything you need to know for your visit to border:none in Nuremberg.

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tl;dr - Arriving by public transport

First of all: Please get yourself a public transportation ticket (»Einzelfahrt Erwachsener Nürnberg, Fürth, Stein«) which is valid for all undergrounds, trams and buses in Nuremberg.

Starting at the airport

If you happen to reach Nuremberg by plane, you will first have to take the underground to get from the airport to the station called »Plärrer« – not a big deal, as there's only one underground leaving from the airport (line U2). It departs every ~10 minutes, the trip takes around 15 minutes (10 stations). From there, proceed with the tram.

Starting at the central station

Take one of the following underground lines:

  • U1 heading to »Fürth-Hardhöhe« or U11 heading to »Eberhardshof«
  • U2 heading to »Röthenbach«
  • U3 heading to »Großreuth«

and leave it after 3 (U1 and U11) respectively 2 (U2 and U3) stations at the station called »Plärrer«. Proceed with the tram then.

Take the tram to St. Johannis

Leave the underground station following the signs for the tram line No. 6 (»Westfriedhof«).

Hop on and after about 10 minutes leave the tram at the station called »Hallerstraße«

Turn around to where the tram came from: You have just passed the Orpheum! Welcome to border:none 2023!

Public transport - the photo love story

Ok, so this is the long story, 2013 put together with love by Jeff and 2023 updated by Jakob.

Welcome to Nuremberg

Your desired destination is the Orpheum in St. Johannis, located in the north-western part of the city.

However, your ultimate destination using public transport is the the »Hallerstraße« station. Begin your journey by entering the main hall of the central station, where you will find a prominent information desk.

Across from the information desk, you'll find the stairs leading to the subway platforms. Head downstairs to catch the subway, which is clearly marked with a prominent »U« for »U-Bahn« in Germany.

Get your Ticket

Once you've descended the stairs, you should find a ticket vending machine, unless you already have a ticket, or you want to experience the thrill of fare-dodging, which is called »Schwarzfahren« in German.

Select a ticket at the vending machine. You'll want an »Einzelfahrt Erwachsener Nürnberg, Fürth, Stein« ticket. The ticket vending machine should also offer you the option to select a language other than German. (And one little advice for the weekend: The »TagesTicket Solo« and »TagesTicket Plus« will be valid for the whole weekend when purchased on a Saturday.)

After obtaining your ticket, head to Platform 3, where the U2 and U3 lines depart.

Catch the right underground

When you descend the stairs, the left platform is where you'll find the U2 towards Röthenbach and U3 towards Großreuth. Here, you can board any arriving train. Some underground lines in Nuremberg are remotely controlled and don't have drivers, so you can take the opportunity to stand in the very front of these trains (if you wish).

The station you want to reach is »Plärrer«, which should be the second one after central station.

At the »Plärrer« (yeah, this word sounds odd to Germans, too) various types of public transportation lines intersect. Exit the train and turn right, then follow your natural instincts — head upstairs towards daylight!

Upstairs you have to turn right and follow the hallway.

Again, to your right, you'll want to take the first flight of stairs you'll see. A sign indicates the tram line 6 to »Westfriedhof«, which is the one you'll want to board. »Westfriedhof« means »Western cemetery«. Are you scared, yet? Only a couple of days until Halloween ...

Now you are at the correct station. Ensure you board the correct tram: Line 6 to »Westfriedhof«.

The tram will take you along the town walls and then west to the charming district of Johannis. Alight at »Hallerstraße«. If you've been observant of your surroundings, you might have already spotted the red facade of the Orpheum.

Exit the tram and turn right. Be cautious, as you'll need to cross the street before reaching the sidewalk. Please be mindful of oncoming bicycles to avoid any accidents.

On the sidewalk, you can already see your final destination. Just a few more steps and ...

Welcome to border:none 2023

Congratulations, you did it! We hope you enjoy your stay in Nuremberg and wish you a pleasant time at the border:none 2023!